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anti-doping activities in sports federations

anti-doping activities in sports federations
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The presented rating has been developed as part of RUSADA program for All-Russian Sports Federations in order to monitor compliance with international and Russian legislation with all interested parties.

International federations may request information on education and prevention measures provided by their All-Russian sports federation and its level of cooperation with RUSADA.

For questions and requests, please, contact edu@rusada.ru.

Evaluation criteria

  • ·         Existence of anti-doping education strategy until 2025 agreed with RUSADA

  • ·         Existence of a presented plan of anti-doping education activities provided to RUSADA

  • ·         Level of interaction with Regional Federations

  • ·         Section "Anti-doping" on the website of the All-Russian Sports Federation meets all RUSADA’s recommendations

  • ·         Specialist responsible for anti-doping in the All-Russian Sports Federation has a valid certificate of RUSADA training

  • ·         Completion and results of the monitoring program held by RUSADA

  • ·         Existence of Agreement (bilateral cooperation program) between RUSADA and the All-Russian Sports Federation

  • ·         Mandatory status of passing RUSADA’s online course

  • ·         Provision of information to RUSADA


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