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  • Russian Anti-Doping Agency "RUSADA" is looking for qualified professionals to work as doping control officer on an ad hoc basis or part-time. The position involves significant responsibility as a representative of the organization at the national level. Successful candidates must demonstrate a high level of integrity, professional and ethical standards of behavior. Before final approval for the position candidates will undergo comprehensive training, which is conducted at the Company's expense. 


    • Conduct sample collection (of biological material) for doping of athletes;
    • To collect samples at the regional, national and international competitions, training camps and other places during in-competition and out-of-competition periods throughout Russia;
    • Conduct a specified number of tests in the allotted time period according to the RUSADA /WADA testing plan;
    • Provide guidance and coordinate chaperones in order to manage the notification process and chaperoning of the athlete in accordance with the International standard for testing and investigations;
    • To inspect the testing venue in compliance with the essential requirements;
    • Strictly follow the sample collection procedure in accordance with the requirements of the WADA World Anti-Doping Code, International standard for testing and investigations and the national anti-doping rules.
    • Education: higher or secondary special (including medical, educational, military, law enforcement, law);
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
    • Experience as a representative of a professional organization - as an advantage;
    • Experience as chief and leader as an advantage;
    • Excellent interpersonal skills;
    • Good judgment, ability to strictly adhere to the rules, attentiveness, objectivity and endurance;
    • Ability to work alone or in small teams;
    • Russian citizenship;
    • Willingness to work on an ad hoc basis and part-time (Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Moscow vicinity, St. Petersburg, Kazan and other Russian cities);
    • Knowledge of foreign languages as an advantage.
    • Traveling nature of work. The scale of the travel: the whole Russia. Trip time includes travel time and time of the event. Usually takes no more than a couple days;
    • The position will be of interest to easy going people, eager to prove themselves;
    • Position will be of interest to successful people who wish to help RUSADA in achieving the goal of ensuring conditions of doping-free sport through application of highly professional and flawless processes during doping control procedure;
    • Position of DCO gives the opportunity in some cases to observe the competitions of various levels including international;.

    Resume is to be sent via e-mail

    All questions on vacancies are accepted by phone 8 (495) 788-40-60 add. 106.