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Results Management

Results Management
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When information is received on an adverse analytical finding or other anti-doping rules violation, RUSADA must initiate results management procedure, with its main goal to  definitely identify the fact of the violation and, if needed, to determine the punishment in compliance with the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Code.

Upon receipt of an adverse analytical finding, a review is conducted to determine whether: 

  • an applicable TUE has been granted or will be granted as provided in the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions; 
  • there is any apparent departure from the International Standard for Testing and Investigations or International Standard for Laboratories that caused the adverse analytical finding..

If the review does not reveal an applicable TUE or the departure from the standards during testing, which could cause an adverse analytical finding, RUSADA immediately notifies the athlete, the respective All-Russian Sport Federation, International Federation and WADA about the adverse analytical finding.

The Athlete has a right:

а) to immediately request to conduct the analysis of Sample B (if this request is not received within the specified timeframe, this will be considered as waivers of the analysis of B Sample)

b) to be present at opening and analysis of B Sample for the period set forth by the International Standard for Laboratories, if the request for this analysis is received, or to  send the Athlete’s representative to this procedure 

в) to request copies of the sets of documents on results of A and B Samples analysis, which contain information set forth by the International Standard for Laboratories.

Provisional suspension

In case of an adverse analytical finding, provisional suspension may be imposed on an athlete. Provisional suspension is mandatory when an adverse analytical finding is received for a prohibited substance or a prohibited method, other than a specified substance. In other cases, the decision to impose provisional suspension is at RUSADA’s discretion. The athlete has a right to request hearing on provisional suspension to be conducted in an expedited manner. In addition, the athlete has a right to agree voluntarily with provisional suspension.

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