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Attention of Athletes in Testing Pools!


RUSADA records cases of untimely updating of whereabouts information in the ADAMS system, when an Athlete makes changes to the address only upon arrival at a new location.

We would like to remind you that, in accordance with art. 7.5.4 of the All-Russian Anti-Doping Rules and in accordance with the International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI), each Athlete included in the RUSADA testing pool must:

✔provide quarterly whereabouts information through the ADAMS;

✔ timely update whereabouts information in the ADAMS to ensure its completeness and accuracy;

✔be available for testing in accordance with the whereabouts information.

 In accordance with the ISTI, an Athlete must update his/her whereabouts information as soon as he/she becomes aware of a change in plans and circumstances (for example, immediately after purchasing plane, train, bus, etc. tickets).

 RUSADA monitors the accuracy of the information provided and notes cases where an Athlete indicates a new address located hundreds of kilometers away or in another country, while the ADAMS does not contain information about moves or flights.

Obviously, such movements are impossible without advance preparation and the lack of information about changes in plans can be considered as a possible anti-doping rules violation. As a result, the Athlete risks being flagged for a whereabouts violation or even being charged with possible sample evasion or possible tampering at this stage of doping control.

 Athlete availability for testing is a basic necessity for maintaining the purity of the sport. Dear Athletes, we ask you to pay attention to this responsibility!