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RUSADA has identified a case of detection of the prohibited substance methylhexanamine in an Athlete’s doping sample, which entered the Athlete’s body with contaminated product.

 In this case, a prohibited substance entered into the Athlete’s body with the nutritional supplement “Optimus pre extreme shot” (a pre-workout complex in the form of a shot), a closed bottle of which was transferred to RUSADA and subsequently analyzed in the WADA Accredited Laboratory.

 The Laboratory conducted a study of the nutritional supplement and found the prohibited substance 4-methylhexane-2-amine (methylhexanamine) in it;  methylhexanamine was not indicated on the nutritional supplement label. The concentration of the prohibited substance turned out to be quite high - 320 mcg/ml, so after drinking only half a teaspoon of the shot, the Athlete received an adverse analytical finding and 1 year of ineligibility.

 Methylhexanamine is a Specified Substance that is prohibited only in-competition. However, by consuming a nutritional supplement with a high concentration of this substance shortly before the start of the in-competition period, the Athlete exposes himself to the risk of an adverse analytical finding during the in-competition period.

 Attention! The use of nutritional supplements over a long period of time does not reduce the risks associated with contamination of one of the batches, falsification or counterfeit of the product. If an Athlete still uses nutritional supplements despite the fact that RUSADA does not recommend their use, then it is important not only to study the information about the composition carefully, but also to note any deviations in the quality of the packaging. It may be helpful to keep samples and packages of previously used products for comparison.

 Always remember: the Athlete is responsible for everything that enters into his body.

 RUSADA does not provide any pieces of advice on nutritional supplements and does not recommend their use.