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Dietary supplements

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Sports nutrition, food supplements (BAA)

Sports Nutrition, Food Supplements (BAA)

RUSADA does not give advice on dietary supplements and does not recommend their use to athletes!

  1. Manufacturers may not always provide complete/correct information about the composition of their product. Therefore, it is sometimes very difficult to understand whether a supplement contains prohibited substances.
  2. Some supplements may be contaminated with banned substances during the manufacturing process.
  3. Energy supplements or so-called "pre-workouts" can often contain prohibited stimulants. For example, methylhexanamine.
  4. Some supplements designed to increase energy, volume, muscle strength, weight loss and libido may contain various stimulants, hormones, anabolic agents, etc. Note that some supplements contain a component with a large number of numbers or a phrase such as "unique proprietary matrix" or "proprietary blend" - be aware that this may conceal steroids, stimulants or other banned substances.

  The use of dietary supplements by athletes can lead to

- An unfavorable result in the analysis of a doping sample;

- Adverse health effects.

Be wary of claims that the supplement has undergone various studies that purport to prove its effectiveness. This type of 'scientific research' may be bespoke, poorly conducted and the conclusions drawn may not have a scientific basis.

Don't believe advertisements that promise a quick and safe way to improve your performance!

Always remember that the athlete is responsible for everything that goes into his or her body.