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Confused about nootropics? Nanotropil - not allowed during the competition period, nootropil - always allowed


Nootropics are drugs that influence learning, memory, and resistance of the brain to extreme stress and hypoxia.

One case of a possible anti-doping rule violation this year involved the use of nanotropil, which is banned in competition. The name is similar to nootropil, which is allowed in sports, but the positive test and subsequent sanctions do not cancel it out. 

Nootropic drugs allowed for use in sports:
- Piracetam (Nootropil, Lucetam)
- Gamma-aminobutyric acid (Aminalon)
- Picamilon
- Gopanthenic acid (Pantogam)
- Semax
and others

Nootropic drugs banned during the competition period:
- Fonturacetam (Actitropil, Nanotropil Novo, Phenotropil)
and others

An athlete is always responsible for everything that goes into his body. Do not self-medicate, always consult your doctor. 

Be careful and check medications before use with the service https://list.rusada.ru/