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Diuretics cause of every third athlete disqualification


Diuretics are drugs that affect circulating blood volume and regulate water-salt metabolism.

Diuretics and masking agents are prohibited in sport both during and out of competition (S5, special substances).

They are used for:

  • arterial hypertension as monotherapy and in combination with other hypotensive agents;
  • edema of different genesis (e.g., in cardiac or renal insufficiency; edema of the brain);
  • diuresis (detoxification therapy in acute poisoning);
  • glaucoma.
Why are they called "masking agents"?

The fact is that these substances help mask the use of other banned substances in sport, by speeding up excretion.

Please note - the detection of any amount of a substance that is allowed under the threshold concentration (e.g., formoterol, salbutamol, ephedrine, etc.) in combination with a diuretic or masking agent in an athlete's sample will be considered an Adverse Analytical Finding.

Statistics on the detection of diuretics and masking agents in the samples of Russian athletes demonstrate that diuretics are the cause of one in three disqualifications:

2022 - 18 cases open
2023 - 11 cases opened.

Please note that the athlete is responsible for everything that goes into his/her body. Always check drugs before use with the service https://list.rusada.ru/

or by calling RUSADA hotline
+7 (966) 183 47 94 (calls, texts, WhatsApp).