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Doping-free competitions and fair victories are the true values of young Olympians


The Young Olympians International Forum is an annual event traditionally held on Children's Day. Young sportsmen aged 14-18 years old, representing various regions of Russia as well as national Olympic committees of foreign countries, take part in it.

Exactly one year ago, during the 4th Young Olympians International Forum, RUSADA and the ROC signed an agreement on the plans of educational activities on anti-doping.

Today, on the opening day of the 5th Young Olympians International Forum, a high-intensity program for young athletes from nine countries based on anti-doping education activities was launched.

- The Young Olympians International Forum is a momentous event for the entire sporting community, - said Stanislav Pozdnyakov, ROC President. - Five years ago we had the idea to hold this event together with our colleagues from RUSADA on the International Children's Day to give our Olympic reservists the necessary knowledge in the field of clean sport, to draw attention to the intolerance of using doping and any other cheating to achieve results.

About 300 athletes took part today in interactive lectures about true values of sport and anti-doping rules held by Evgeny Khristenko, the Senior Manager of RUSADA Educational Programs Department.

Moreover, athletes from Russia, Republic of Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Syrian Arab Republic, Eswatini, Gambia, Namibia, Mali and Laos enjoyed and participated in the Outreach antidoping quiz and received memorable gifts from RUSADA. Anna Popova, RUSADA EPD specialist, helped the athletes sort through the difficult questions and noted that the young generation aims to compete and win only in a fair game.

RUSADA congratulates the young athletes on Children's Day. We wish you health and fair victories, free of doping!