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Outreach quiz for young athletes


As part of the Poddubny International Wrestling League tournament and international freestyle wrestling competition "Commonwealth Cup", an Outreach quiz was held in Vladikavkaz on July 28.

More than 140 people, including young athletes, their parents and spectators of the tournament, answered questions on anti-doping.

The quiz participants fought for the best result in terms of correctness of answers and speed of passing the quiz. The record of the day was set by a young athlete Lev: he managed to answer all the questions in 20 seconds.

Thanks to the anti-doping quiz, athletes refresh their knowledge of anti-doping in an express format, here is one of the quiz questions:

Doping control officers are obliged to warn athletes of a doping control several hours before their arrival.

  1. Correct
  2. Wrong
Correct answer: Wrong! According to the International Standard for Testing and Investigations, the primary method of sample collection should be unannounced testing. This means that an athlete can be tested anytime and anywhere.

Everyone can take the quiz and test their knowledge of anti-doping rules: https://quiz.wada-ama.org/