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Ambassadors of Clean Sport


RUSADA launches the program "Ambassadors of RUSADA", aimed at promoting the ideas of clean sport and protecting the rights of athletes in the field of anti-doping.

We recognize the importance of the participation of representatives of each sports federation in the development and implementation of anti-doping education mechanisms.
In the formation of a culture of zero tolerance to doping, the most important role is played by athletes – leaders in their sport, role models for the younger generation, who closely watches the elders and takes an example from them.

We believe that with help of Ambassadors, RUSADA will be able to develop and implement the most effective information and educational programs in the field of anti-doping. Regularly receiving feedback from Ambassadors, direct participants of sports processes, we will be able to adapt educational events to the needs of athletes.

The federations of Olympic, non-Olympic and Paralympic sports have already received letters from us with a description of the RUSADA Ambassadors program and an invitation to propose 3 candidates for participation in the program.

Athletes wishing to become Ambassadors of pure sports are recommended to contact their sports federations to propose their candidacy. Perhaps it is your ideas that will become the most effective and help other Russian athletes to maintain their health and play true!