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Dear colleagues,
I warmly congratulate you on the Play True Day!
The Play True Day is a day of sport authenticity, opportunity to highlight in spirit the genesis of this phenomenon and its essence. Since the formation of the human society, sport has been one of the main form of the human effective activity driving the progress of improvement forms and self-improvement. The sport`s talent is a gift from God to the human being with duty to permanently faithfully improve yourself. Exceptional opportunities could not be developed by the artificial methods, fraudulence through the use of the prohibited substances and methods. This kind of deception returns to the individual in the form of serious, negative consequences for the health and his/her well-being which is an absolute pattern and always applies. The Play True Day is also a day of responsible sport when an athlete realizes that attention of the millions of admires of his/her talent is upon him/her and any action, gesture of the athlete establishes the model, practice and norm for many people.
The Clean Sport is an invincible sport, the results of which could not be challenged. (Mikhail Bukhanov, RUSADA Acting CEO)