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RUSADA is to establish Athletes’ Committee


Russian Anti-Doping Agency RUSADA has embarked upon organization of Athletes’ Committee, with the goals of organization to promote ideals and values of clean sport and establish a culture of intolerance to doping in society.

The Committee will consist of active or retired athletes with a strong anti-doping position – those, who will be role models for the younger generation, who have shown that achievements in sport are possible without doping, and who actively promote values of clean sport in their social network.

The Committee's objectives will not be limited by the promotion of clean sport values, but will also cover the exchange of personal experience in relation to compliance with anti-doping rules and establishment of a culture based on the values of sport and zero tolerance to doping.

In particular, members of the Athletes’ Committee will act as ambassadors of pure athletes and the Russian Anti-Doping Agency, participate in information and educational activities of RUSADA and value-oriented lessons for students, as well as take a direct part in the development of new information and educational RUSADA events and in evaluation of anti-doping educational programs efficiency.

If you think that you can become an Ambassador of clean sport and meet the criteria for the members of the Athletes’ Committee (see above), please send your CV to pr@rusada.ru