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WADA publishes RUSADA Roadmap to Code Compliance


Today, on August 3, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) publishes the Roadmap to Code Compliance. The document translation from WADA website is provided on the Russian version of RUSADA website:

RUSADA: Roadmap to Code Compliance 

On 18 November 2015, RUSADA was declared non-compliant with the Code further to a key recommendation of WADA’s Independent Pound Commission report released on 9 November 2015, which exposed widespread doping in Russian athletics. 

Since November 2015, WADA has been working with RUSADA and its partners to rebuild a credible and sustainable anti-doping system in Russia. To this end, WADA and RUSADA agreed a detailed ‘Roadmap to Compliance’ that is outlined below.

On 18 May 2017, WADA’s Foundation Board accepted the Agency’s independent Compliance Review Committee’s (CRC’s) recommendation that, pending fulfillment of a certain number of Roadmap criteria listed below under Part I, the Agency and the CRC would permit RUSADA to plan and coordinate testing using RUSADA’s trained Doping Control Officers (DCOs) and doping control service providers, under the supervision of two WADA-appointed International Experts; and, in collaboration with UK AntiDoping (UKAD). On 27 June 2017, WADA announced that the Agency and the CRC were satisfied that RUSADA had met the Part I criteria and therefore could resume planning and coordinating testing.

However, RUSADA remains non-compliant with the Code until such time as they meet the remaining reinstatement criteria listed below under Part II. RUSADA is strongly encouraged to continue its work towards Code compliance in the interest of clean athletes worldwide.

In addition to the criteria set forth below, RUSADA would also be required to fulfill some post compliance conditions; including, continued funding for the two International Experts working in RUSADA until the end of their mandate; and, other conditions that will be determined based on the results of WADA audits.

ROADMAP TO COMPLIANCE Part I: To date, the following criteria have been fulfilled:

  1. WADA engaged two International Anti-Doping Experts that are working with, and being funded by RUSADA.

  2. RUSADA engaged UKAD to conduct testing during the period of RUSADA’s non-compliance.

  3. RUSADA engaged UKAD for further training and upskilling of RUSADA’s anti-doping program.

  4. RUSADA’s testing team received training from UKAD and the International Experts, including on developing risk assessments, an intelligence-led testing program and managing a sustainable doping control personnel program.

  5. RUSADA recruited new DCOs, which were vetted by the International Experts and were subsequently trained by the Experts and UKAD.

  6. RUSADA developed values-based education programs; introduced an investigations department and a science and research department; and, enhanced its governance structures under the guidance of the International Experts.

  7. The Russian Government reviewed its regulatory framework to ensure customs authorities do not interfere with doping control samples departing from Russia to WADA-accredited Laboratories.

  8. The former acting Director General of RUSADA resigned from post.

  9. RUSADA initiated a recruitment process for a new Director General, under the guidance of the Independent Experts.

  10. RUSADA reviewed its risk assessment, annual test distribution plan and registered testing pool with the support of UKAD.

  11. RUSADA secured the appropriate finances from the Russian Ministry of Finance to enhance its organisational capacity in order to conduct a robust anti-doping program.

  12. The Russian Government provided access to Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) samples analyzed at the WADA-Approved Blood Laboratory in Moscow.

  13. RUSADA changed their Supervisory Board statutes to ensure it is chaired by an independent person.

  14. RUSADA selected the new chair and vice chair of the RUSADA Supervisory Board from the independent members of the Board.

  15. RUSADA developed a Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption that included a clear conflict of interest policy.

  16. The Ministry of Sport put in place a plan for RUSADA's access to ‘closed cities’ for testing athletes.

  17. National Federations must now fully participate in anti-doping prevention programs and are required to cooperate fully with RUSADA.

  18. Rules are now in place and enforced to stop government funding of National Federations should they not comply with anti-doping rules.

  19. RUSADA prepared its June - December 2017 Test Distribution Plan in collaboration with UKAD.

Part II: The following criteria must still be fulfilled for RUSADA to regain compliance with the Code:

  1. The responsible authorities for anti-doping in Russia must publically accept the reported outcomes of the McLaren Investigation (aka Independent Person Investigation). This includes: RUSADA, the Ministry of Sport and the National Olympic Committee.
  2. The Russian Government must provide access for appropriate entities to the stored urine samples in the Moscow Laboratory. These samples are sealed off due to a Federal investigation.
  3. RUSADA’s Supervisory Board must select a new Director General via a transparent, external and objective application and recruitment process overseen by the two International Experts.

  4. RUSADA must appoint a new Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Committee and ensure it becomes operational.

  5. The RUSADA TUE team must receive expert training.

  6. RUSADA must complete its recruitment and training of staff in all functional areas, and continue the recruitment of doping control officers and chaperones.

  7. RUSADA must increase the capacity and further train its hearing and appeal panels.

  8. RUSADA must cover UKAD’s and the two International Experts’ costs until the end of their involvement in the project, which is expected to end in April 2018.

  9. RUSADA must have full fiscal management autonomy in its funding from the Russian Government.

  10. RUSADA must have sufficient resources to sustain and further develop its values-based education program.

  11. WADA must audit RUSADA. This is tentatively scheduled for September 2017.

  12. WADA must conduct a second audit within four months of any future date from which RUSADA achieves compliance.