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Regional anti-doping activities rating


A week ago RUSADA launched the “Regional anti-doping activities” page on its web-site, which contains information regarding rating of regions. The rating clearly demonstrates the amount of anti-doping work performed in each constituent entity of the Russian Federation and enables regions to implement anti-doping education programs at the same level.

The rating is based on the RUSADA requirements, sent to persons responsible for anti-doping support in the relevant regional institutions in July 2018 and binding:

• Website of the regional executive body in the field of physical culture and sports has the “Anti-Doping” page, drawn up in accordance with RUSADA recommendations;

• Schedule of anti-doping activities in region;

• Monthly reports on the events held;

• Qualified person responsible for anti-doping support;

• An agreement signed with RUSADA on cooperation in the field of countering doping in sport.

The rating of regions is updated monthly.