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RUSADA Supervisory Board meeting


On December 19, 2019, Supervisory Board final meeting was held at RUSADA office, which summed up the results of the outgoing year and considered the Agency's activities report for 11 months period to the Supervisory Board .

Members of the Supervisory Board were presented the report of ethics officer Alexander Filatov and head of the TUE Committee Victoria Badtieva. 

Mr. Filatov commented on the conflict of interest and confidential information disclosure claim sent to the RUSADA Director General: "Having studied the submitted documents and held a meeting with the RAA RUSADA Director General, I conclude: there is no conflict of interest violation; there is no confidential information disclosure. My reasoned judgment on the claim consideration results is following: criteria of a custom character campaign against Director General related to RUSADA investigation of the banned infusion use case in Chuvash Republic are present" and recommended that the RAA "RUSADA "Supervisory Board reject the claim.

One of the agenda points was the position of the Supervisory Board members regarding the WADA Executive Committee decision issued on December 9. As a result of the vote (5 for, 2 abstained), a conclusion was made on the Supervisory Board disagreement with the WADA Executive Committee decision on the non-compliance consequences. Also, the Supervisory Board advised the RAA "RUSADA" General meeting of members to disagree with the WADA Executive Committee decision on December 9, 2019.