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Four years instead of Missed Test


Russian Weightlifting Federation, following the decision by RAA RUSADA, rendered the decision that made athlete Roshchupkin Konstantin ineligible for 4 years for violation of art. 2.5 of the All-Russian Anti-Doping Rules, the period commencing on July 23, 2019.

In the context of Results Management of possible Whereabouts Failure the athlete provided medical certificate as his explanation, according to which he could not update his whereabouts filling in ADAMS prior to the 60-minutes time slot. In the investigation process conducted by RUSADA it was found that the medical certificate provided by the athlete had been falsified. On this basis the Anti-Doping case had been initiated against the athlete.

Please keep in mind that it`s each athlete personal duty to update his/her Whereabouts Filing as soon as possible after the circumstances change and in any event prior to the 60-minute time slot.

Falsification of the medical or other documents at any stage of doping-control constitute an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under article 2.5 of the Russian Anti-Doping Rules (“Tampering, or Attempting to tamper, with any part of Doping Control”). This Anti-Doping Rule Violation should be sanctioned by the standard sanction of 4 years ineligibility.