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The market of dietary supplements and sports nutrition is of a large scale. A lot of money is spent on the promotion of such products. There are various protein and carbohydrate mixes, individual amino acids, fat burners, pre-workouts, and vitamin-mineral complexes and so on among them. Each manufacturer promises that due to his product, you can quickly and safely improve sports performance. It is easy to get confused among such a variety of supplements and sometimes it becomes difficult to resist buying. Below is a brief information to get understanding about this market.
  • Use of dietary supplements may cause:
    • adverse analytical finding of a sample
    • negative health effects
  • Also, the manufacturer may not always provide the full/accurate information about the composition of its product. Thus, it becomes very difficult to understand whether one or another food supplement contains a prohibited substance.
  • Be attentive to statements that food supplement passed various studies that supposedly prove the effectiveness of the supplement. This kind of "research" can be paid for, poorly conducted, and issued opinions on them may not be scientifically valid.
  • Do not believe the advertising that promises quick and safe way to improve your athletic performance.
  • If you do decide to start taking supplements, before its use, and even better – before purchase, try to make sure that the supplement contains no prohibited substances. Avoid supplements that contain prohibited substances. Read carefully the composition of supplements you want to purchase or use. Again: you have to understand that the manufacturer does not always indicate a full/accurate information about the composition of its product. For example: sibutramine is a prohibited stimulant containing in some supplements designed for weight loss. Also a prohibited substance may have different names, for example, 1.3 dimethylamylamine – aka methylhexaneamine, 2-amino-4-methylhexane, geranamine, geranium root extract, geranium oil, geranium, DMAA, etc. Be careful!
  • Some supplements designed to increase energy amounts and muscle strength, for weight loss and libido enhancement can contain various stimulants, hormones, anabolic agents etc. Pay attention to the presence in some supplements of a component with large number of figures in the composition or the phrase "unique proprietary matrix"/"proprietary blend" - they can be hidden steroids, stimulants or other prohibited substances.
  • Energy supplements, so-called "pre-workouts supplement", often contain prohibited stimulants. For example, the previously mentioned methylhexaneamine.
  • Always remember: the athlete is responsible for what enters his body.
  • Based on the foregoing: RUSADA does not give any advice regarding dietary supplements and does not recommend athletes using them.